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steve and bucky are startled by a levitating knife

It’s been ten minutes why am I still laughing

"the future is so scary"

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get to know me meme: [1/5] favorite relationships

Dick Grayson & Barbara Gordon; "Tell Babs it was ALWAYS her, above ANY of them."

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And not to be out done: Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Where Bucky is yet again the damsel in distress. The main female character isn’t even a love interest and is just as awesome as the boys and is respected in her own skill set. Where the main character’s most important trait is STILL his goodness of spirit. Where the big bad isn’t actually a big bad and where the big bad is actually a bunch of corporate pawn pushers.

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Sam is still very invested in Steve’s musical education.
[This picture is brought to you by all the Sam x Steve fanmixes I’ve been listening to and the fact that I really needed a break from my thesis.]
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Sam is still very invested in Steve’s musical education.

[This picture is brought to you by all the Sam x Steve fanmixes I’ve been listening to and the fact that I really needed a break from my thesis.]

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Dick’s got some balls.



Juggling headcanon.

So Dick was taught to juggle when he was growing up in the circus and it becomes such a natural thing for him to do that he doesn’t really notice when he’s doing it. Like he’ll be talking to someone and pick up some nearby objects and start juggling them idly as he’s talking. 

I think Damian would be all ‘Honestly Grayson, a child could accomplish such a simple task’ all the while thinking it looks wicked cool and wishing that Dick could teach him.

Tim would totally ignore the juggling because he’s used to it. No biggie. Whatever.

Jason would probably get super irritated like ‘jfc Dick, I swear to god if you don’t put my tea cups down this second, I’m gonna flip my shit’ although you know he thinks it’s totally cute.

Alfred would just be all ‘Master Richard, please, do refrain from juggling with the fruit. It’s rather unhygienic’ 

Bruce would pretend to ignore it (particularly when Dick starts juggling things in the Bat Cave) but secretly he likes it because it means that Dick is happy and relaxed and he enjoys seeing Dick’s circus talents. 

So yeah, Dick’s got some balls. Juggling balls. Or oranges, Jason’s teacups…that sort of thing.

I haven’t been around here much. I like to think I’m like Jason. You’re all happy and cuddly and one big fandom family and I’m just on the outs with all my personal shit that nobody wants. I know right. Woe is fucking me


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modern day icarus with burns on his back and full of bitterness and throws out cynicism but sometimes he just looks at the sun like it’s the best thing in the world  (◡‿◡✿)


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no I can’t like that post right now they’ll know I’m online and I’m either supposed to be asleep or I’m avoiding all forms of social interaction

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IDK why everyone is makin’ a big deal like shit, you saw one post about people liking s/b more now calm your shit or vice versa like man, they’re fictional characters that aren’t even canonically in a romantic relationship EVERYBODY CHILL/mr freeze

No, Haku, there has been a divide, a line has been drawn, and war is on the horizon. Steve Rogers kneels on the wintery battle field, his shield tossed to the side, his head bowed. Bucky’s armies advance from the north, and Tony’s from the south. 


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"he’s 24 months old" bitch your son is two

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Texts From Gotham


(310): Sorry I punched you in the throat. You got in my way. You understand.

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agent grayson more like jason stalks him and hums the mission impossible theme song wherever he goes

nah dick would hum the mission impossible theme himself while stalking jason and pretending it’s totally an authorized government mission jay the government is very interested in the red hood you’re a wanted criminal you know

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agent grayson more like jason stalks him and hums the mission impossible theme song wherever he goes

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Then she said, “It might not have been legal…but it was right.”

[Batman 422]

I have so many feelings about this issue and how Jason and Judy are paralleled.

(And then Bruce just declares that Judy was wrong without bothering to engage with why Jason says he agrees with her. Like, I can accept ‘we don’t kill and that’s especially important since we’re acting as vigilantes in the long term’ as a reasonable philosophy, more or less. But, despite his comment that a small part of him wishes it were otherwise, Bruce never seems to actually stop and consider how that approach - or at least his way of enacting it - may be inadequate. He just makes a declaration of right and wrong, and doesn’t seem to think past that. (Which, if nothing else, is a pretty lousy way to deal with his teenage sidekick and adopted son having increasing - understandable - issues with that viewpoint and maybe needing a more in-depth discussion of the topic, rather than just a pronouncement of what he ought to think.) (We don’t even get any indication in this issue that Bruce’s really thinking about how it was his approach that allowed Branneck to get off without a conviction, creating a situation where he probably would have killed more women if Judy hadn’t killed him, and what that might mean Bruce needs to change about his tactics to try and avoid that happening in the future.) And a lot of the time I get the impression that we’re supposed to just accept his viewpoint as completely correct, which is frustrating.)

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