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Hurrah, I have some new great photos of my BB cosplay!

Costume: “Genderbent” Blue Beetle III/Jaime Reyes (DC Comics)
Model & Designmarlene
Backpack Construction: misschubi

I am *loving* this awesome (and surprisingly comfy-looking) Blue Beetle cosplay! I want one of those scarabs! If I couldn’t wear it I’d use it as a decorative throw pillow on my couch!

Very well done! :)

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marvel: [has a black man walk in the background of the shot of the 6 white avengers]
marvel fandom: REPRESENTATION.
marvel fandom: DO YOU SEE THAT.
marvel fandom: DC, WHERE YOU AT.
marvel fandom: YOUR MOVE, DC.
marvel fandom: ON YOUR LEFT, DC.

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(catwoman v2 #10)

gOD bruce looks so happy to get hit in the head with a muffin wow what a dork in love <3

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*white kid from 90’s tv show on bed throwing baseball up in the air and catching it while staring at ceiling*

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guardians of the galaxy 11.NOW

don’t even look at me I’m so embarrassed for this nerd

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Baby Nala plying with a ribbon

Leaked Sailor Moon transformation sequence

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leafreo said: Maybe Unit-01 in palette 12?

this palette was cool, thanks for the request!
Source: http://marmartas.tumblr.com/post/88468062141/leafreo-said-maybe-unit-01-in-palette-12-this


leafreo said: Maybe Unit-01 in palette 12?

this palette was cool, thanks for the request!

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Sailor moon a la mexicana :p

Lo hice por diversión, talvez haga a las demás?


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I came here because I’m worried about you, my rival!

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i’d be the worst PR-manager ever
my client would be like “there are rumours going around that i’m a gay satanist” and i’d be like “hahaha awesome”

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